This is the personal blog of Michael Ritger. It serves as a sort of trading log and record of my thoughts on the markets, though it sometimes strays into other territory. I have kept it with varying regularity since August 2008.

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A business with which I’m involved (18k gold jewelry sold by weight at low premiums over melt):



From Gone With the Wind, here’s Rhett Butler on speculation:

“I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in the upbuilding of a country and the other in its destruction. Remember my words. Perhaps they may be of use to you some day.”

“I’m surprised at you, Scarlett, for sprouting a conscience this late in life. Opportunists like you shouldn’t have them.”

“What is an oppor — what did you call it?”

“A person who takes advantage of opportunities.”

“Is that wrong?”

“It has always been held in disrepute — especially by those who had the same opportunities and didn’t take them.”


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