Listen to Mish: Public unions and their pensions have bankrupted your city and state.

I don’t care where you live, odds are that your local politicians have put you and your fellow taxpayers on the hook for unpayable quantities of debt, mostly to fund government salaries and benefits that are way out of line with the private sector. This is a huge issue, and the only people who cover it in detail are the blogger Mish Shedlock and author Stephen Greenhut.

This is exactly what has happened in Greece and the rest of the GIPSI states in Europe, and for that matter the US Treasury since FDR introduced the Keynesian the welfare/stimulus state to those shores.

The only ethical solution to the problem is a swift, honest default. Public debt is a racket, the advance sale of stolen goods (interest, extorted at gunpoint) and just another capital transfer from producers to lazy government workers, politicians, bankers, government contractors and other moochers. The alternative to default is a slow death by debt slavery, all to prop up a corrupt system that will fail in the end anyway.

As Murray Rothbard responded to the idea that public debt is ok because “we owe it to ourselves,” the problem is “who’s the we, and who’s the ourselves?”


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Murray Rothbard on repudiating the public debt (